As mentioned before most people don’t know what they have or think they know. We hope you will call and consult us if you are not sure what you have. So many people get caught in the Yard Sale trap of the early bird making you an offer on a unique item when you are in the middle setting up. In most cases your guard is down & you may have sold that item at a give away price. Now if you had sent to auction your goods you would get several offers instead of one. Another topic most never knew about yard sales & Flea Market buyers is that there is a type of pecking order. A good number of these buyers sell to a number different dealers who buy & sell at auction all the time because they know of the advantages of auction marketing.

Therefore these Yard Sale & Flea Market buyers are a type of Middleman. You can only help yourself by calling us to be sure what you have. Auction marketing may not be the best way to go for every situation but you should look into Auction Marketing & sell all your goods in one day.


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