With our knowledge and experience of the marketplace, each auction is advertised and marketed to best suit the merchandise offered for auction. A marketing program can consist of newspaper promotion, signs, and direct mail to proven clientele, personal contacts and day of sale previews. Another unique tool we offer is our video marketing capabilities. This new method of auction marketing helps us reach out into over 60,000 homes locally, more than 19 times a day everyday, until your merchandise is sold. With this combination of marketing tools, it enables us to give your auction the maximum advertising distribution you expect and deserve to get results.

Auction method of marketing has true and beneficial points that need to be made. Many people do not realize that auctions create competition between bidders, therefore, higher prices can be realized. Also during bidding, prices always go up not down like other negotiating methods. This is the only sales method to work in this fashion. Moreover, Personal Property and Estate Auctions are more or less divided into three types of merchandise – Good, Better & Best. With exceptions to the rule, the worst thing a seller could do is skim off all of the best merchandise because the best is what catches attention and draws the crowd of buyers we want. Without the best, your auction is mediocre and auctioneers are not magicians. The Best merchandise should always be offered for sale with the Good & Better. While people are at your auction for the best most times, they will buy the good and better as well. All is usually sold in one day most auctions.

Where and when to have an Estate Auction depends sometimes on the frame of mind of the seller or on the location of the home. When comparing on-site and off-site auctions, the easiest by far is the on-site auction. The seller will get the biggest bang for the dollar because there are no extra costs in moving and packing. Also, the buyers get to see where merchandise came from and see how it was kept and used while the items offered are fresh to the market. Off-site auctions are climate controlled with far more handling and moving involved which can be costly.

Many auctions are held April through November. Auctions tend to drop in numbers from December to March mainly due to holidays. In the spring and summer, there is a flood of auctions and buyers are spread thin and it is a good time to buy. In the winter, after New Years is our favorite time to hold auctions. There are generally not as many auctions held and buyers are looking for auctions. They want to get out and away from any cabin fever and buy new items that are in demand. Your best auction crowds can be in the cold weather because most buyers think there will be less competition, but that idea is most times wrong and good crowds attend.


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