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Auction Dates

October 22, 2011

Whether you are a first time Auction goer or a seasoned veteran, you will find this site to be interesting and informative. There will be a few points mentioned that most people either don’t know or didn't realize about the auction method of Marketing. This site is meant to be as fun and personal for you as it is for us. Our goal as full time auctioneers is to help people through changes in their lives such as settling estates, moving, or downsizing situations. We hold professionally run auctions while being economical for clients and customers. If you are ever in the Boyertown or Bally, Pennsylvania area, please call! If not, then Bookmark this site and visit often. We will post our upcoming auctions on this site. Don’t hesitate to call, write or E-Mail, your thoughts, comments and referrals are always welcome.

All About Arn B. Malmberg Auctioneer & Estate Inventory Services
We are a multi-service Auction Company devoted to aiding people through those changes in life that require professional marketing services. Whether you need to settle an Estate or liquidate a Farm or Business Assets, ARN B. MALMBERG is a licensed and bonded Auctioneer, Certified Personal Property Appraiser and Licensed Realtor that is diversely qualified to help you achieve your goals. Our auction staff covers all aspects of auctions from packing and moving to listing inventory for Advertising to displaying merchandise to the auction itself as well as final settlement. Auctions can be fun, exciting, and educational and are the ultimate marketplace. Many people don’t realize that the auction method of Marketing is the only method of sales where through competitive bidding we can realize a higher sale price than the asking price. This means in other words "the sky's the limit," and auction marketing should not be considered the last resort. When selling such merchandise as Personal Property or Real Estate there is a different pre-planned time and place when the property is offered for sale and is to settle.

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